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Tuesday , October , 26 2021
Orient Fire Department History

Orient Fire Department History

1991 New firehouse completed.

1987 Building of a new firehouse at the corner of Tabor Road. and Route 25 approved.

1962 First "two-way" radios for trucks purchased. Orient Fire Department Emergency Fist Aid and rescue squad officially formed.

1954 Second hand ambulance donated to the department. Ladies auxiliary was formed.

1946 First telephone installed in the firehouse.

11/12/1938 New firehouse completed.

1/7/1938 Original firehouse burned to the ground. All the equipment was saved.

1930 First siren installed at the firehouse. Poquatuck Hook and Ladder Company disbanded fire police organized.

12/4/1916 Oysterponds Chemical Company was formed.

1916 First motorized fire apparatus purchased. A model T-Ford, at a cost of $500.00. The money was raised through donations.

12/21/1895 Poquatuck Hook and Ladder Company #1 was incorporated. The original firehouse was built by the membership.

Orient Fire Department History