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Tuesday , October , 26 2021
Orient Fire Department Apparatus

Orient Fire Department Apparatus 8-1-16 8-1-16
8-1-16 is our ambulance servingthe Orient Community. It is powered by a low emission diesel with a broad wheelbase for enhanced stability and automatic chains for winter rescues.

It provides basic assessment tools including pulse oximetry, 12-lead ekg, automatic blood pressure, stabilization devices and additional equipment that ensure the safe transport of patients to local area hospitals.

The ambulance is ALS Certified (Advanced Life Support) and most importantly, staffed by a team of experienced volunteer New York State Certified Emergency Medical Technicians who are on 24 hour call to answer medical emergencies. A note of interest: there is no charge to the Community for your ambulance service. When you need us—just call 911!!
Orient Fire Department Apparatus 8-1-4 8-1-4
8-1-4 is custom-designed for the needs of Orient’s unique geography; financed by a federal grant, this adaptable tanker was put into full service in the Spring of 2016.  A dedicated team of Orient firefighters worked closely with the manufacturer for well over a year during its production..

A low emission diesel engine powers a 1,250 gallon per minute pump
that facilitates a 2,500 gallon tank.  The rig can deploy a portable yellow “dump” tank (visible in its folded condition in the picture) for ease of access, especially in hard to manage areas.

High technology controls allow instant and accurate reading of all functions; 8-1-4 meets all the latest NFPA safety requirements.

8-1-4 carries up to 5 firefighters with air packs in addition to the driver and pump operator.
Orient Fire Department Apparatus 8-1-1 8-1-1
This 1991 pumper is our “First On Scene”/”First Due” vehicle, with a 1,000 gallon per minute pump and a 1,000 gallon tank. It contains all the tools necessary for a first response including carbon monoxide and gas detectors, a thermal imaging camera, a line voltage meter to assess live current. It carries 6 firefighters with air-packs.
Orient Fire Department Apparatus 8-1-2 8-1-2
This 1989 Tanker/Pumper is our second water tanker, equipped with a 1,250 gallon per minute pump and a 3,000 gallon tank.
Orient Fire Department Apparatus 8-1-3 8-1-3
This 1985 short-wheel base Tanker/Pumper is a highly maneuverable 4-wheel drive vehicle adapted to narrow and winding Orient country roads. It has a 750 gallon per minute pump and a 500 gallon tank. In addition, it contains all the tools essential for rescue operations and motor vehicle accidents, including the “Hurst Tools” and Accessories (e.g., “Jaws-of-Life”).
Orient Fire Department Apparatus 8-1-12 8-1-12
Called a stump jumper this vehicle was built by members of the Orient Fire Department on a 6 X 6 military chassis. 6 wheel drive, it is used for brush fires and heavy duty winter response. Adaptable to many needs, it is equipped with a 600 gallon water tank.
Orient Fire Department Apparatus 8-1-11a 8-1-11a
A 21 Foot Parker Center Console highly adaptable to bay waters—and donated by Mrs. Connie Tupper in memory of her husband John Tupper. Used for water rescue and recovery operations. Staffed by at least two Firefighters and one EMT. She is berthed at the Orient Yacht Club for ready access to Bay incidents.
Orient Fire Department Apparatus 8-1-11 8-1-11
A 24 foot commercial Boston Whaler purchased from the Southold Police Department. This 25 year old rescue boat has been brought to the highest performance standards by members of the Orient Fire Department and is used for offshore rescue and recovery as well as bay safety programs. It is berthed at Orient-By-The-Sea Marina for ready access to the Sound. Staffed by at least two Firefights and one EMT.